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 CAMPEP is a nonprofit organization whose objectives are the review and accreditation of educational programs in medical physics. 
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2) CAMPEP accrediation 

  SNU has multiple tracks, some of which are CAMPEP-accredited and some of which are not. In order to receive CAMPEP-accredited degree, students in our program must take below courses for clinical physics training. 

<Mandatory courses for clinical physics training> 

1.1 Course list 
  Mandatory courses for those students intending to pursue a clinical career are listed below. Each course is repeated at least once every two years. 

   1.1.1 Radiological Physics and Dosimetry 
       (805.701) Introduction to Radiological Science 

   1.1.2 Radiation Protection and Radiation Safety 
       (495D.604) Radiation Protection and Shielding 
       OR (802.789) Topics in Radiation Protection 

   1.1.3 Fundamentals of Imaging in Medicine 
       (805.6012) Introduction to Biomedical Radiation Convergence Sciences 
       OR (805.601) Introduction to Radiation Applied Life Science 
       OR (M2682.000400) Fundamentals of Medical Imaging 

   1.1.4 Radiobiology 
       (802.2019) Medical Radiation Biology 
       OR (802.785) Advanced Radiation Biology 

   1.1.5 Anatomy and Physiology 
       (802.3311) Understanding Basic Human Anatomy 

   1.1.6 Radiation Therapy Physics 
       (802.2021) Medical Radiation Physics 
       OR (805.6134) Topics in Medical Radiation Physics 
       OR (805.603) Topics in Radiation Applied Life Science 

1.2 Identification method 
  Dean and director ’ s certification will be provided to those students who have taken the appropriate courses to satisfy the clinical certification requirements defined in AAPM Report 197.