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1. Domestic students

※ 2016년.2월.25일 개정된 내규를 바탕으로 작성되었으며, 꾸준히 홈페이지에서 확인하길 요망.



 등록횟수: 4회 이상 8회 이하 

 취득학점: 24학점 이상 (단, 학기당 취득학점 12학점 이내) 

 성적: 전 교과목 성적 평점평균 3.0 이상 




• 등록횟수: 4회 이상 8회 이하 

• 취득학점: 36학점 이상 (단, 학기당 취득학점 12학점 이내) 

 성적: 전 교과목 성적 평점평균 3.0 이상 


석박사 통합


 등록횟수: 8회 이상 16회 이하

 취득학점: 60학점 이상 (단, 학기당 취득학점 12학점 이내)

 성적: 전 교과목 성적 평점평균 3.0 이상 


2. International students

Below information is slightly changing every year

So PLEASE check notice often for more exact information on gscst website ( or contact with administration office at gscst.

1. Qualification exam
A. Requirement
1) English score (TEPS or TOEFL)*
    TEPS > 611 or TOEFL > 86 (IBT)
2) MS: enrolled ≥ 2 semester & received ≥ 12 credits 
   PhD: enrolled ≥ 3 semester & received ≥ 18 credits
   MS/PhD: enrolled ≥ 4 semester & received ≥ 24 credits
    *If you are English-native speaker, then no need to submit 1) English score.

B. Exams :
     1) Radiation Therapy Physics, 2) Korean*
        *If you take Korean course, then no need to take Korean exam. 

2. Korean course
    990.804 Korean Language and Culture 1 (한국어와 한국문화 1)
    990.805 Korean Language and Culture 2 (한국어와 한국문화 2)

Your grade must be higher than C- or S
Credit of Korean course is not counted as a credit of coursework completion. (e.g., if you are MS student, minimum requirement of course completion is 24. BUT 24 credits must not include above Korean course)

3. Taking course in other department

     signature of Adviser & Program Dean then submit   to GSCST administration office
      *Please ask any Korean to fill out approval document (attachment).

4. 환경안전교육 Environmental safety courses
학내 연구실에 출입하는 연구활동종사자는 안전환경 신규교육(최초 1회)과 정기교육(매 학기 6시간 이상)을 의무적으로 받아야 합니다. 

5. Radiation usage
Please contact with radiation safety officer (Seongmoon Jung) if you want to use radiation (for example, X-RAD 320 or clinic). You may need to get blood tests.

6.  Regulation of program in Biomedical radiation sciences

Curriculum Rules

Program in Biomedical Radiation Sciences, Department of Transdiscplinary studies, Graduate school of science and technology


Official released 2014. 03. 13.

Translated by Wonmo Sung (Not official) 2014. 02. 18.

Translation updated by Wonmo Sung (Not official) 2014.09.02


Please note that this translated document is not official. This is only prepared for international student's convenience.


1. General

a. Maximum years of coursework follow Seoul National University rules.

b. To complete the coursework of graduate school, below are the minimum credits

             1) MS: 24 credits

             2) PhD: 36 credits

             3) MS & PhD integrated: 60 credits

             4) Maximum credits per semester: 12 credits


2. Coursework structure

a. Standard structure

1) Department mandatory: Introduction to Convergence Science and Technology (3 credits, Open in every semester)

2) Program Major mandatory: Introduction to Biomedical Radiation Convergence Science (3 credits, Open in fall semester)