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■ Students involved

  Seongmoon Jung ( 

  Jamal Mirza Ahmad (

  Shama Alghaddhban (

  Hye Jin Kim (


■ Description

  Despite the huge technological strides in the past decades, we are still struggling to improve patient survival and to reduce toxicity for some cancers. The advent of cancer nanotechnology holds great potential. There has been considerable interest in using nanoparticles (NPs) as a radiosensitizer and molecular imaging. However, there has been limited translation of NP-mediated radiation sensitization and imaging to a clinical setting due to limited understanding of its mechanisms.
  We are investigating the basic principles of NP-mediated radiosensization and imaging techniques in a combined approach using computational simulations as well as measurements at the nano-scale. Microscopic dose calculations and biological modeling is carried out with Monte Carlo simulations (Geant4, MCNP, and Penelope). We also perform in-vitro cell experiments to support the development of a biological model. We develop x-ray fluorescence imaging system with CZT gamma camera to provide NP distributions and concentrations. Experimental verification for microscopic dose measurements and NP dose enhancement effects is also considered using state-of-the-art gels and film micro-dosimetry with Raman spectroscopy.

  We are closely collaborating with Jan Schuemann (Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, US) and Kangwon Lee (Graduate School of Convergence Science and Technology, SNU).