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Research-oriented track


  This track is designed for students who pursue an academic career in universities, research institutes, international and domestic organization, etc. She/he should be involved into on-going innovative researches in the field of biomedical radiation science that have been funded by extramural or intramural grants. Prior to applying an official admission, she/he may demonstrate her/his research potential (or capability) during her/his internship (at least 3 months) at RPLab. The qualified students will be supported by the RPLab scholarship including a full tuition and monthly stipend.




Clinic-oriented track


  This track is designed for students who pursue a clinical physicist in hospitals and/or an ABR (American board of radiology) certification in physics, etc. She/he will take the courses and clinical training recommended by CAMPEP. The RPLab has been accredited by CAMPEP since 2012 and so far only one in Asia. Only the graduates from a CAMPEP-accredited institution are qualified to take an ABR exam and pursue an ABR-certified clinical physicist in North America if necessary. For students who aim to enter this tract, the internship at RPLab is recommended but not mandatory. The traineeship will be available for the qualified students.




* Both tracks require a rigorous course work and a MS or PhD thesis prior to the graduation.