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38 New conformity indices based on the calculation of distances between the target volume and the volume of reference isodose Jong Min Park, So-Yeon Park, Sung-Joon Ye, Jin Ho Kim, Joel Carlson, Hong-Gyun Wu
The British Journal of Radiology, Vol. 87 2014,
37 Design and Implementation of a New Device for the Integral Measurement of Total Source-on Time for a High Dose Rate (HDR) Remote After Loading Treatme… E. Ishmael Parsai, Sung-Joon Ye, Sean Tanny
Medical Physics International, 2014,
36 Development of an applicator for eye lens dosimetry during radiotherapy Jong Min Park, Jaegi Lee, Hyun Suk Kim, Sung-Joon Ye, Jung-in Kim
The British Journal of Radiology, Vol. 87 2014,
35 Dosimetric comparison of 4 MeV and 6 MeV electron beams for total skin irradiation So-Yeon Park, Beom Seok Ahn, Jong Min Park, Sung-Joon Ye, Il han Kim and Jung-in Kim
Radiation Oncology Journal, Vol.9 2014,
34 The sensitivity of gamma-index method to the positioning errors of high-definition MLC in patient-specific VMAT QA for SBRT Jung-in Kim, So-Yeon Park, Hak Jae Kim, Jin Ho Kim, Sung-Joon Ye, Jong Min Park
Radiation Oncology, Vol.9 2014,
33 Assessment of potential jaw-tracking advantage using control point sequences of VMAT planning Jung-in Kim, Jong Min Park, So-Yeon Park, Chang Heon Choi, Hong-Gynn Wu, Sung-Joon Ye
Journal of Applied Clinical Medical Physics, Vol.15 2014,
32 Dosimetric effect of CT contrast agent in CyberKnife treatment plans Hee Jung Kim, Ah Ram Chang, Yang-Kyun Park, and Sung-Joon Ye
Radiation Oncology., Vol.8 2013,
31 Development of real-time motion verification system using in-room optical images for respiratory-gated radiotherapy Yang-Kyun Park, Tae-geun Son, Hwiyoung Kim, Jaegi Lee, Wonmo Sung, Il Han Kim, Kunwoo Lee, Young-bong Bang, and Sung-Joon Ye
Journal of Applied Clinical Medical Physics, Vol. 2013,
30 A multi-institutional study for tolerance and action levels of IMRT dose quality assurance measurements in Korea Jung-in Kim, Jin-Beom Chung, Yang-Kyun Park, Ju-Young Song, Sung Kyu Kim, Sung Hwan Ahn, Chang Heon Choi, Won Hoon Choi, Byungchul Cho, Sang Gyu Ju, Sung Jin Kim, Sung-Joon
Journal of Applied Clinical Medical Physics, 2013,
29 Enhanced proton treatment in mouse tumors through proton irradiated nanoradiator effects on metallic nanoparticles Jong-Ki Kim, Seung-Jun Seo, Hong-Tae Kim, Ki-Hong Kim, Myung-Hwan Chung, Kye-Ryung Kim, aung-Jun Ye
Physics in Medicine and Biology, 2012,
28 Dosimetric perturbations due to an implanted cardiac pacemaker in MammoSite® treatment Wonmo Sung, Siyong Kim, Jung-in Kim, Jae-gi Lee, Young-Joo Shin, Jae-Yong Jung, Sung-Joon Y
Medical Physics, 2012,
27 C-Arm Cone-Beam CT-Guided Percutaneous Transthoracic Needle Biopsy of Small (<= 20 mm) Lung Nodules: Diagnostic Accuracy and Complications in 161 Pati… Jin Woo Choi, Chang Min Park, Jin Mo Goo, Yang-Kyun Park, Wonmo Sung, Hyun-Ju Lee, Sang Min Lee, Ji Young Ko and Mi-Suk Shim
American Journal of Roentgenology, 2012,
26 RapidArc® vs intensity-modulated radiation therapy for hepatocellular carcinoma: a comparative planning study Jong Min Park, Kyubo Kim, Eui Kyu Chie, Chang Heon Choi, Sung-Joon Ye, Sung Whan Ha
The British Journal of Radiology, 2012,
25 Photon energy-modulated radiotherapy: Monte Carlo simulation and treatment planning study Jong Min Park, Jung-in Kim, Chang Heon Choi, Eui Kyu Chie, Il Han Kim, and Sung-Joon Ye
Medical Physics, 2011,
24 The dosimetric effect of mixed-energy IMRT plans for prostate cancer Jong Min Park, Chang Heon Choi, Sung-Joon Ye, Sung Whan Ha
Journal of Applied Clinical Medical Physics, 2011,
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